Press / November 21, 2012 Which is the healthiest airline of them all?

By Charles Platkin, PhD

Virgin America has been ranked as the healthiest airline in North America, following an airline food nutrients survey carried out by New York’s CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College.

“A few airlines are realizing that, if they pay attention to food, they can increase customer experience and satisfaction,” explained Charles Stuart Platkin off Hunter College to USA Today.

“Calorie-laden, unhealthy, heavy foods have been shown in research to negatively impact mood. Virgin America is off the charts when it comes to focusing on food.”

In the survey Air Canada finished second, ahead of Alaska Airlines in third – both behind Virgin America who were praised for their ‘Protein Meal Box’ and ‘Holiday turkey sandwich’. The airline currently puts nutritional information on its Travel Light menu as well as their website.

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