Diet and Weight-Loss / March 21, 2013

The Real Skinny

By Charles Platkin, PhD

Calorie Bargain: The Real : Appetite for ‘s 101 Fat Habits & Slim Solutions by Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking (Tarcher, 2013)

The Why: Both these authors know what they’re talking about and offer great tips for losing weight and living healthier. While the tips may seem obvious, there are still several you might not have heard, and it’s also great to see them all in one place.

How It Works: From the publisher: “Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking, both registered dieticians and innovators of the popular website Appetite for Health, have spent the last few years listening to their fans complain about the same dieting woes over and over. As time went on, they realized that most people fall prey to a common set of ‘Fat Habits’ that ultimately derail their diets and deplete their willpower. Driven by the desire to help people live sustainable healthy lives, they set out with other dieticians and nutritionists to identify the 101 most common ‘Fat Habits’ and crafted their ‘Slim Solutions.’”

The Price: $10.17 from Amazon.

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