Happy Thoughts; Happy Weight

By Charles Platkin, PhD

Lead To Fewer Calories

According to research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, when you’re in a bad mood you tend to indulge in unhealthy foods, and when you’re in a good mood you tend to eat healthier.  “Individuals in a negative mood prefer indulgent foods to healthy foods because a negative mood invokes proximal, concrete construal [something imminent occurring; e.g., you have to work on a project with a peer you dislike] which puts more weight on immediate concerns such as mood repair and the affective benefits of foods such as taste and sensory experiences. In contrast, individuals in a positive mood prefer healthy foods to indulgent foods because a positive mood invokes distal, abstract construal [something distant, less precise and in the future; e.g., the summer is coming and you know things in general will be more enjoyable]which puts more weight on long-term, higher-level benefits of foods such as and well-being.” 
The researchers believe that if you actually think of something “happy or grateful” before a meal you will eat less and eat healthier. 

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