Calorie Bargains / March 21, 2013

Eat To Win Board Game

By Charles Platkin, PhD

Calorie Bargain: Eat To Win Board Game

The Why: To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of attempts to create healthy games for children, but I haven’t been impressed. So I was shocked when I saw my 10-year-old playing this and having fun. Eat to Win was created by a mom whose own child struggled with being overweight, and she really gets it. She’s done a great job of making healthy info fun and into a game. My only issue is that you’re sitting around getting no activity while you’re playing; but education is the trade-off.

The Health Bonus: Have fun while you learn about healthy eating.

How It Works: From the website: “Each fun dollar equals 1 calorie! Our board game uses fun money to pay for landing on foods around the board but also lets you earn money for doing activities and learning FuNutritional facts! Now take this concept into real life using our kid’s Reality Edition and weight loss explosion app for adults where YOU BECOME THE GAME PIECE!”

The Price: $29.95

Where to Buy:

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