Nutrition & Health / March 21, 2013

Safety Tattoos

By Charles Platkin, PhD

Calorie Bargain: SafetyTat

The Why: Does your child have a food ? Is he or she going to a party or on a field trip? Are you concerned that perhaps there might be a slip-up? Well, SafetyTat is a fun and fantastic way to let people (including caregivers and baby sitters) know that your child has a food allergy, put your phone number on your child, or create your own tattoo. (I was playing with the build-a-tattoo portion of the website and was able to create a “Feed Only Healthy Food” tattoo. How great is that?) And the best part is that love these temporary tattoos.

Bonus: You protect your precious child from the dangers of food allergies and unhealthy foods.

How It Works: You simply go to the website and order.

The Price: $19.99 for 24 tattoos.

Where to Buy:

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