August 16, 2012

Calorie Bargain: Holey Donuts (Marble Frosted)

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Calorie Bargain: Holey (Marble Frosted)

The Why: If you’ve ever sat in the parking lot waiting for that “Hot Krispy Kreme — Now” sign to light up, this Calorie Bargain is for you. Somewhere over the rainbow you could eat doughnuts all day long, and not get a bellyache. Or a belly. Holey Donuts is here to tell you that “somewhere” is right here, right now.

The Health Bonus: Their proprietary recipe and cooking method give you all the doughnutty taste and texture you love, sans the deep-fat fryer. And that’s why the nutritional information on these puppies seems almost too good to be true. Plus, no trans-fat.

What We Liked Best: Once cooked, they are flash frozen and shipped via FedEx right to your door. They come with clear and simple instructions for how to defrost and enjoy.

What We Liked Least: Doughnuts must be shipped, so no instant gratification. Also, they’re still not super low-calorie, so they should be eaten sparingly.

The Price: $23.95 per dozen.

Offerings: Glazed, Coconut Cream Pie, Boston Creme, Apple Caramel, Raspberry Crumb, Jelly, Blueberry Crumb, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Coffee Cake, Marble Frosted, Classic Vanilla, Caramel Crumb Ring, Dolce Latte Frosted, Caramel Vanilla, Black and White, Strawberry Swirl.

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Where to Buy: Company Web site at

Ingredients: Wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, fiboflavin, folic acid, dextrose, soybean oil. Contains less than 2% of-salt, dairy blend (whey solids, nonfat dry milk, sodium caseinate), leaviening (sodium acid pryophosphate, baking soda)soy flour, dried egg yolks, mono and diglycerides, citric acid added as preservative, sodium stearoly lactylate (dough conditioner), vegetable color (annatto and turmeric) contains wheat egg milk and soy. Glaze ingredients: Sugar, Water, corn starch, corn syrup, food starch-modified, wheat starch, agar, guar gum, potassium sorbate (as preservative), citric acid, silicon dioxide, artificial flavor, dextrose, 101904 (L).

Nutritional Analysis Per Serving: (Marble Frosted) one doughnut


3.5g fat

39g carbs

4g protein

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